Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LetS HeaD 2 ThE ToP

   The anticipated semi-major radio station, WHHE EmpiRadio, has goes full force in the media. With their previous layout, Vietnam Jones seen that it was time to make the radio station's visual presentation more user-friendly and conservative; so that it meets the fans of indie and underground music's needs. "We're giving the world exactly what is missing in the industry today... The Realness", Mr. Jones implied. "As an artist on the grind, it is difficult to rise like a star with everybody charging high prices in this re-depressed economy so I seen it was up to me to add an addition to today's music culture" with WHHE.
    Over the pass year, Vietnam got a chance to partner up with Dirty South Radio but the only clause was that he had to take down WHHE from Hip Hop Empire Magazine plus he could not have control of the programming broadcasted from the Empire. At first, he was all for it because of the profit from this venture. Later on as he thought hard about this deal after listening to what type of music that they play, he realized that this could effect his empire that he built b/c listening to it was the same as tuning into a FM radio dial... so he turned it down and put his pride and joy back up. 
    "It was a great opportunity but I care less about hearing brag about what they got... I got an old soul, if God giveth then he can also take it away", Jones stated. By the way people is acting in this world today, we need more true to life music with knowledgable lyrics and hot productions. Therefore, WHHE EmpiRadio is the station for real people that want to hear real music without worrying about hidden codes in music.    
    WE HERE, AINT NO NEED TO FEAR? #LovePeaceNRilloSheetz


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